Passwords do not have to be heckin complicated!

Using a free Password Manager, you can protect your online identity and save yourself the trouble of remembering passwords.


Alison and Sara, your favorite security guards

We've been dealing with hundreds of passwords for over a decade on our own. After a quick chat, we realized that there wasn't a great resource for learning the how and why of Password Managers ... and we could solve that problem.

Which is why we created Heckin Passwords together.

This free resource will walk you through the steps of creating, organizing and using LastPass (which is also free.) You can upgrade your account for even more features, but it's not necessary.

This will keep your online identity safe AND save you the trouble of having to remember every password ever. Seriously. Once you're done with these 7 lessons, you'll only need to remember one single password.

The 7 Included Lessons

Lesson 1: How Password Managers Work
Understand the why and how of Password Managers keeping your online presence safe.

Lesson 2: Create Your Account
Once you know why it's important to use, it's time to set up your free Password Manager account.

Lesson 3: Adding Passwords
After you've created an account, it's time to add passwords to your brand new vault.

Lesson 4: Using Browser Extensions
Learn how to take advantage of the browser extensions that LastPass has available for all popular browsers. This will make logging into websites so easy!

Lesson 5: Using this Tool on Multiple Devices
When your vault has logins saved and you know how to use your new tool on your computer, it's time to dive into using it on your mobile devices too. Save time and keep your online identity safe by relying on LastPass on all of your devices.

Lesson 6: Organizing Your Password Manager
Using folders, tags and favorites to easily sort through your available passwords.

Lesson 7: Complete a Security Audit
As your vault fills up, use the built in security audit tool to make sure your passwords, email addresses and usernames are safe.

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